Main activities of K’studio

(1)Digital archive of Crepe Paper calendars

List and data of all pages from Yamamura collection
* The number of remaining calendars is small, probably because they are discarded due to their nature and because they are out of the category of books.

(2)Digital archive of a watercolor painting Wakuden no Mori “Anno Mitsumasa Kan”

Since opening of the museum on June 23, 2017, we have been requested to produce prints

(3)Production of replicas Japanese Painting using in the movie “Tenshin”
Responsible for the production of replicas of the Japanese painter used in the Great East Japan Earthquake reconstruction assistance movie.

(released on November 16, 2013)

(4)Digital archive of photographic plates held by the Takato-machi History Museum
Three photographic plates immediately before the self-harm of General Nogi and other photographic plates at that time were restored.

(5)Digital archive of kimonos in the Suzaka Tanaka Honke Museum

(6)Digital archive of photographic plates at the time of the opening of Yahata Steel Works

(7)Restoration of Kesennuma “Fight Shinbun” at  2011 Great East Japan Earthquake

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